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Directional condenser microphone with headphone monitor output for Apple iOS devices with a Lightning connector.
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Directional condenser microphone with headphone monitor output for Apple iOS devices with a Lightning connector.

SmartMic+ Di เป็นไมโครโฟนแบบ Directional condenser น้ำหนักเบาและกะทัดรัด พิเศษด้วยการออกเเบบมาสำหรับ พอร์ตแบบ Ligthinig เพื่อใช้กับระบบปฏิบัติการ ios และ ipad os  ด้วยความเป็น Directional condenser จะเน้นเสียงที่อยู่ข้างหน้าสามารถบันทึกเสียงได้ชัดเจนแม้ในสภาพแวดล้อมที่วุ่นวาย


The Saramonic SmartMic+ Di is an ultra-lightweight and compact microphone that plugs directly into the Lightning port on the iPhone or iPad and vastly improves the sound quality of the videos you shoot and the audio you capture. The directional pickup pattern excels at focusing on the sounds in front of it, while rejecting sounds to the sides and rear. Producing audio that is intelligible and clear, even in busy environments.

Using SmartMic+ Di couldn’t be easier. You simply plug it into your mobile device and start creating. There are no batteries to install or charge, and there are no levels to set. It’s truly plug-and-play. A gold-plated headphone jack on the back enables you to easily listen to your audio without needing to remove the SmartMic+ Di. You can also listen to the sound as you record, but this capability needs to be supported by the app you’re using.

A snug-fitting foam windscreen is included that won’t accidentally fall off when in use or transit. When you need to use SmartMic+ Di in windy environments, a sensibly sized furry windscreen is also included that can be pulled over the foam windscreen for ultimate protection from wind noise. The SmartMic+ Di can be positioned both facing forward, when using the selfie camera on your Apple device or facing outward, when taking advantage of your device’s high-end camera. It captures audio that is rich and detailed, but the unit itself is ultra-compact, small enough to fit in your pocket and weighs only 40 grams, so you can easily bring it with you everywhere you go. The SmartMic+ Di is also rugged, made with durable metal, so you can rest assured that it’s well equipped for your adventures.


  • Provides broadcast-quality sound to iPhones and iPads by plugging into the Lightning port for shooting video, recording audio, live-streaming, vlogging, podcasting and more
  • Lightweight and ultra-portable yet rugged, durable metal microphone that provides simple plug-and-play usage, never requires batteries or charging
  • 1/8” (3.5mm) Headphone jack for real-time monitoring while making recordings (app dependent) and listening to playback without removing microphone
  • Directional pickup pattern clearly captures sounds in front of the mic while rejecting sounds to the sides and rear and can be positioned facing forward when using the selfie camera, or facing outward
  • Includes both a snug-fitting foam windscreen for indoor use and a sensibly sized furry wind protector for outdoor us


Features :

  • Broadcast-quality directional microphone for smartphones and tablets with Lightning headphone connector.
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact with a flexible and durable mount that clips to your mobile device.
  • 3.5mm headphone output for listening to playback and while recording (app dependent).
  • Simple plug-and-play usage, never requires batteries or charging, ultra-lightweight and compact.
  • 75Hz to 20kHz frequency range with 75dB signal to noise ratio

 Type:  Directional Condenser Microphone
 Polar Pattern:  Cardioid
 Frequency Range:  75Hz to 20kHz
 Sensitivity:  -35±3dB(0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
 Maximum Input S.P.L:  f= 1kHz, THD<5% (105 dB)
 Output Impedance:  600 Ohm
 Signal to Noise Ratio:  75 dB SPL
Audio Output Connector:  MFi Certified Lightning Connector
 Weight:  40g
Dimensions:  71.6×25.5×48.6mm