Furman : M-10X-E Furman

M10x E Standard Power Conditioner 10A 230V
หมายเลขสินค้า : M-10X-E

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M10x E Standard Power Conditioner 10A 230V

เครื่องกรองกระแสไฟฟ้า FURMAN M10x E ขนาด 10 แอมป์, Power filter and power distribution with 10 A maximum output current (2300 Watt), AC noise filtering to reduce radio frequency and electromagnetic, Circuit breaker, 10x Rear panel outlets and 1x front panel convenience outlet, Protection OK indicator, Overvoltage protection

The Furman M-10x E is a power conditioner for ensuring clean, noise-free power for your gear.  Its noise filtration system reduces radio frequency and electromagnetic interfere, providing a more pure flow of AC power.

The Furman M-10x E features 11 power outlets on IEC connectors, 10 at the rear and 1 on the front panel, surge protection with a ‘Protection OK’ LED indicator, a 10 Amp rating with a circuit breaker and is rack-mountable.


  • Noise Filtration AC noise filtering to reduce radio frequency and electromagnetic interference (RFI/EMI)
  • Surge Protection Spike & surge protection ensures equipment stays safe and your power stays clean
  • 11 Total Outlets 10 rear panel outlets and 1 front panel convenience outlet
  • 10 Amp Rating 10 amp rating, with circuit breaker
  • Protection OK Indicator Front panel indicator LED lets you know that your equipment is being protected

Family Merit          Series 240V
Line Voltage           240 (Volts)
Length        21.8 (Inches)
Width   12.2 (Inches)
Height  3.3 (Inches)
Weight   6.75 (Lbs)
Unit of Measure      Each
UPC      654061028031
Master Pack Qty        6