NUX : DM-210 NUX

Digital drum kit with mesh heads
หมายเลขสินค้า : DM-210

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Digital drum kit with mesh heads
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Natural playing feel is now a matter of course even in the entry-level class: NUX equips the brand-new DM-210 digital drum kit with high-quality mesh heads. These can be tensioned according to personal taste and provide an individual rebound playing feel. The snare of the DM-210 has a 2-way trigger and offers precise triggering with a wide dynamic range for an acoustic playing feel.For realistic drum sound, the sound module offers precisely sampled studio kits from all genres. For looping in external sound sources, the aux-in connection and the Bluetooth function are available. The practice mode has a recording and various types of trainer functions.

Features :
  • Digital Drumset with REMO Mesh Heads.
  • Buttons for metronome, coach, reverb, demo song, record
  • Coach function with four different practice methods
  • Large selection of demo songs to play along with
  • Record function for self-monitoring
  • Bluetooth and Aux-In for play-alongs
  • USB port for MIDI and sound library
  • Headphone output: 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Main-Out: L-R 6,3mm Jack
  • AUX In: 3.5mm stereo jack
  • 1 additional cymbal trigger input
  • easy to mount drum rack
  • Quick release fasteners for easy adjustment
  • Scope of delivery: 3x tom; snare; hi-hat; crash; ride, hi-hat pedal; bass drum; bass drum pedal; DM-210 sound module; drum rack; power supply unit

8” Snare x1, 8” Tom x3, 10” Hi-hat x1, 10” Crash x1, 10” Ride x1, Kick x1, Hi-hat Control x1, Kick Pedal x1, DM-210 Module x1
Metronome, Coach, Reverb, REC, Songs, Bluetooth
MIDI Data through USB Port
Headphone, DC-9V, L/MONO R Output , Aux In, USB, Cymbal Trigger In
All Mesh Drum Heads