2 Input, 4 Output Digital Loudspeaker Management System with BV-Net Card
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2 Input, 4 Output Digital Loudspeaker Management System with BV-Net Card
เครื่องปรับแต่งเสียงพร้อมแยกความถี่เสียงแบบดิจิตอล มีช่องอินพุต 2 ช่องและช่องเอ้าท์พุต 4 ช่อง
The Turbosound LMS-D24 digital loudspeaker management system is a compact and powerful DSP based 2-in 4-out audio processing unit, ideally suited to live sound and fixed installation applications, and designed for use with Turbosound loudspeakers and associated bass enclosures and subwoofers. It provides tailored equalisation and crossover functions specific to Turbosound loudspeaker systems in a compact 1U high, 19" wide rack unit.
To achieve this, the LMS-D24 provides two inputs and four outputs, configured by factory presets, in addition to a total of 40 user-defined presets to enable use with a variety of loudspeakers. High performance limiters, delays (up to 400 ms input, 80 ms output), equalisation, gain, polarity, and crossover filter controls are accessible to the user in order to match specific operating environments. It provides exceptional audio quality through the use of carefully optimised processing and high performance converters for better than 111 dB of dynamic range, 96 kHz sampling rate and minimal filtering. It employs audio-grade capacitors in the analogue signal path for true audiophile performance and superior accuracy. The LMS-D24 features LF shelving filters to allow adjustment of the response in order to match variations of the acoustic conditions such as half space environments like floor monitor applications, or for close coupling of loudspeaker arrays. Input delays of up to 400 ms, and output delays of up to 80 ms can be set up on each output (mono) or pair of outputs (stereo) with fine resolution of 21 μs steps to ensure perfect driver alignment.
The LMS-D24 is designed for quick setup and adjustment via an easy-to-use menu structure accessed by front panel buttons and rotary encoders. A high resolution back-lit LCD display provides the user interface to the menu options and parameters being adjusted. The LMS-D24 is equipped with a switching power supply that automatically adjusts to mains input voltages from 85 volts to 240 volts, allowing it be used anywhere in the world without inconvenient mains transformer adjustment.

Features :
  • 2 input, 4 output digital loudspeaker management system processor with BV-Net card
  • State-of-the-art DSP implementation for highest signal integrity
  • Crossover filters up to 48 dB/oct with Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley responses
  • High pass filter, 2 shelving filters, 6 parametric EQs and 400 ms of delay on each input
  • 2 shelving filters, 6 parametric EQs, 80 ms of delay and limiter on each output
  • Comprehensive channel grouping and ganging options
  • TURBODRIVE remote control software available for download at turbosound.com
  • Presets for Turbosound passive and bi-amped speakers available for download
  • Rugged 1U rackmount chassis for durability in portable applications
  • Auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.

System :
  • Dimensions: 44 x 482 x 254 mm (1.75 x 19 x 10") Excluding Connectors
  • Net Weight: 2.7 kg (5.9 lbs)
  • Frequency Response:
    • 10 Hz - 40 kHz ±1 dB (Filters Disabled)
    • 10 Hz - 20 kHz ±0.25 dB (Filters Disabled)
  • Connectors:
    • Input: 3-pin Female XLR
    • Output: 3-pin Male XLR
  • Power Requirements: Universal Switch Mode PSU, 85 V ~ 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz