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  • ZOOM : Q8

    Portable HD Video and Audio Recorder with Wide-angle Lens, Interchangeable Mic System, Built-in Combo XLR/TRS Inputs, and LCD Screen

  • Price : 12,800.00 Baht
  • ZOOM : BT-02

    Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for Q4 / Q4n

  • Price : 990.00 Baht
  • ZOOM : APQ-2n

    Q2n Handy Recorder Accessories Bundle with Hairy Windscreen, Padded Case, 2 Tripod Adapters, Lens Cover, Lens Hood, USB Cable, and Camera Mount Adapter

  • Price : 1,800.00 Baht
  • ZOOM : MSM-1

    The ultimate accessory for the musician´s camera. The MSM-1 allows you to mount your Q4/Q4n on a Mic Stand or pole, anywhere on stage, at your rehearsal space, or on the set.

  • Price : 960.00 Baht
  • ZOOM : Q2n

    Compact HD Video Camera with 160-degree Lens, 5 Field-of-view Settings, XY Stereo Microphones, LCD Screen, and Simple Controls (Black/Red/White/Grey)

  • Price : 6,420.00 Baht
  • ZOOM : Q4n

    HD Video Camera and Audio Recorder with XY/A-B Stereo Microphones, LCD Monitoring, 10 Video Modes, Live Streaming, and Audio Interface Capabilities

  • Price : 11,700.00 Baht
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