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Brand : MidiPlus Item Number : Dreamer61

MidiPlus : Dreamer61

Semi weight belt source MIDI keyboard

Price : 12,000.00 Baht

MidiPlus : Dreamer61

Semi weight belt source MIDI keyboard


The Dreamer 61 by Midiplus is a keyboard synthesizer with MIDI capabilities. It boasts 61 semi-weighted, velocity sensitive keys and built in soundcard with 128 programmed sounds that accurately and lushly resemble piano keys, stringed instruments, electric and acoustic guitars, brass instruments, layered synth leads and various sound effects. At less than 10KG, the Dreamer 61 is comfortably portable which is ideal for shows and performances.


  • 61 semi-weighted, velocity sensitive keys
  • By changing "Transpose" or "Octave", these 88 physical keys can be used as 128 logical keys
  • Comes in the form of a touch bar
  • These include "Transpose", "Octave", "Channel", "Program", "Volume" and "MIDI IN"
  • Scroll wheel used for altering variables such as volume and program (patch) number
  • Displays patch, volume and MIDI information
  • Monitor the stereo audio from this jack
  • For connecting sustain and expression pedals
  • Send and recieve MIDI signals
  • Used to connect the Dreamer 61 with a computer. Compatible with Windows XP or earlier and Mac OSX 4 or earlier only. Drivers required (you can find information and downloads for drivers and firmware here). Can also be used for a power source. The Dreamer 61 can send MIDI data via USB to VST Host and DAW programs alike.
  • Used for external power (DC 9V)


  • Keyboard : 61 semi-weighted keyboard (velocity and channel pressure sensitive)
  • Display : Custom LCD backlight
  • Button : 6 touch buttons
  • Touch Bar  : Pitchbend and modulation
  • Jacks : MIDI IN/OUT, power, expression and sustain pedal, USB, AUX OUT
  • Power : DC 9V 1A, 2.00mm core
  • Sound Source : Integrated audio module
  • Maximum Voices : 64
  • Instruments (Voices) : Built-in 128 GM instruments
  • MIDI IN : 5-pin DIN*1
  • MIDI OUT : 5-pin DIN*1
  • USB : USB-B
  • AUX : 1/4" audio output
  • Expression Pedal : 1/4" pedal jack
  • Sustain Pedal : 1/4" pedal jack

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